Vison Floor Mud



Manufacturer: Vison Tech Products LLC


Product Description:

VISON FLOOR MUD is a professional blend of Portland cement and graded sands, that have been formulated to create an optimized mortar bed. Used for tile and stone installations at 1.25 -2" of thickness to facilitate accurate slopes and planes in finished tile work. The factory blend provides a consistent and durable product. The pre-blend package is a more consistent and reliable product over a job-site/field mix method.




TEXTURE: Powder consisting of Portland cement, washed and graded silica sand.

PACKAGING: 50 lbs. Multi-wall bags.


Basic Use:

VISON FLOOR MUD is a mortar mix used for leveling or sloping substrates. Use the factory pre-blend mortar for industrial, commercial, and residential installations.  Use for installations specifying mortar bed or deck mud. Use VISON FLOOR MUD in reinforced, unbonded or bonded mortar bed applications.  This product lowers labor costs and increases installation productivity. For exterior or heavy-duty applications use VISON POLY MUD.


Key Benefits and Features

· Optimized factory blend
· Excellent compressive strength
· Pre-blend, eliminates job site blending of powders
· Increased production
· Economical, reduces cost, and saves time


Suitable Tile Types

Vitreous and semi-vitreous tile: ceramic, mosaic, quarry, impervious porcelain, brick, and thin brick; cement-based precast terrazzo and natural stone tile.



Not for loose or weak surfaces subjected to deflection greater than 1/360th of span. This product is impervious to water but does not form a waterproof or moisture barrier. For the exterior, wet or freeze-thaw applications use VISON POLY MUD. Do not allow mortar bed application to freeze for the first 72 hours of cure. The temperature of the area to be installed must remain above 50°F (10°C) for 72 hours.


Applicable Standards

Meets and exceeds requirements for mortar beds application within the TCNA Handbook details and ANSI A108.1A, A108.1B and A108.1C


Installation: Mixing

For best results, maintain all materials, substrates, room, and adhesives at 50°-70°F (10-21°C) for 24 hours before and 72 hours after installation. In a clean mixing container, add 50 lbs. (22.68 kg) VISON FLOOR MUD with approximately 12 gallons (1.8 L) of clean, cool water. Mix material to a damp consistency that allows tight compaction with a minimal amount of water. The mix should appear as a moist, granular dry-packable mixture that does not flow or slump.

General Surface Prep

All surfaces must be stable, rigid, and structurally sound. Concrete must be fully cured, not weak or deteriorated. Remove loose or poorly bonded surface materials.  Concrete and wood framing system/flooring substrate must be structurally sound and meet all ANSI and deflection requirements. Ambient temperature should be maintained above 50°F (10° C) or below 100°F (38° C) for 72 hours to achieve a proper cure. Concrete, masonry, wood, plywood, foam insulation board, and substrates must support the mortar bed weight and final finished covering for both live and dead loads. For a “bonded mortar bed”, the substrate must be free of all grease, oil, dust, dirt, curing compounds, sealers, coatings, efflorescence, Cut-back adhesive residue, gypsum-based underlayment, foreign or anti-adherent matter. For exterior or heavy-duty applications use VISON POLY MUD polymer-latex modified, pre-blend mortar.


Expansion Joints

Install expansion joints around all perimeters or restraining surfaces where possible to allow for expansion movement. Expansion joints and cold joints, as described in ANSI A108.01, should never be bridged with setting material. They must be brought through the tile work and filled with an appropriate elastomeric sealant. Contact Vison Tech's Technical Services for the proper treatment of control or saw-cut joints. Refer to TCNA EJ171, F125 & F125A.


Use VISON FLOOR MUD at 1.25” minimum on the receptors. Showers require an approved waterproof membrane and reinforcement. Consult building codes, ordinances, and local trade practices.



Apply to a thickness of 1.25-" 2.0" (32-50mm) thickness as a mortar bed for direct bond floor application.

Rub, brush and trowel slurry bond coat into the concrete substrate. The slurry application must be completely wet (not dry/damp) when applying VISON FLOOR MUD; maintain a fresh, wet primer coat on the floor. Use screed guides or float strips to screed mortar to the necessary surface tolerances. Slope the mortar where necessary to the drains. Immediately apply VISON FLOOR MUD over the slurry cement coating. Firmly tamp and screed the VISON FLOOR MUD.


For “unbonded mud beds”, place cleavage membrane in accordance to ANSI A108.02-3.8 such as 15-lb. roofing felt or 4 mil. polyethylene film over the concrete. Apply VISON FLOOR MUD and reinforce over the membrane. Embed corrosion-resistant reinforcing that complies with ANSI A108.02 - 3.6 or 3.7. Lap reinforcing mesh by a minimum of one mesh opening. Raise the reinforcing to be within the middle of the VISON FLOOR MUD. Keep reinforcing mesh away from abutting against vertical surfaces.  Compact/tamp and screed to the desired level or proper slope to drain if required. VISON FLOOR MUD shall be 1.25” thick nominal.



Per 50 lbs. (22.7 kg) bag yields 5 ft2 at 1.25 “ (38mm) thickness.